Smarter & faster selections

A convenient way to filter the right applicants to fit your course. is a smart selection tool designed to intellectually assess and gather the most suitable students for any course within just minutes.

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Higher completion rates

Promise of comparatively higher course completion percentage. reduces student dropout rates to a minimum by assigning students who are most capable of staying on until graduation.

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Time and money saver assesses hundreds of student tests within minutes instead of manually creating, conducting and correcting paper-based admissions. Depending on type of course this can save up to a whole month of work.

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100% fair selection methods

Unbiased student course admissions. uses only student’s test data when selecting students for courses, ensuring that all decisions made are absolutely fair and equal.

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What we do

Work Smart. Select Smart.

We are your specialized partner in admission tests. If you want smarter, faster and fair admissions you are in the right place. Our tests are digital, can be pre-written and run on an cutting edge version of the learning management system Moodle. After having spent numerous days and nights optimizing and tuning Moodle for our admission test, many of our clients realized the efficiency in the platform and asked us to help them with LMS in general. Based on that we have evolved into become a full service supplier of design, development and hosting of the LMS platform Moodle. Contact us and we will tell you more!

Assessing students for a particular course is not an easy task. Especially when an educational institution opens admissions for a particular course with a limited amount of students and the final amount of applicants exceeds it.

Traditionally, in order to select suitable students, paper based tests have to be compiled, printed and handed out to applicants to be filled. This also means all these papers have to be individually assessed before being shortlisted, which is all done manually. provides the perfect solution. matches educational qualifications for each course with pre-written tests to assess and select the right student, benefitting both the institution and the student. These tests will be conducted digitally, allowing potential students to access them from home or school, whilst reducing paper and printing costs. Once the tests are completed, equally assesses scores using smart algorithms to provide a detailed report.


4 steps and you are done!

About us - from course admissions to full service Moodle suppliers

Established in 2013, we created as an aid to a school in Stockholm, Sweden who needed a better student selection process. Using proven and stable advices by established development and hosting partners, the first version of was born!

Over one hundred thousand tests later is now a plug and play, cloud based, data-driven, smart selection tool repeatedly used by many institutions.

We have grown from only providing selection test for our clients to also deliver full service hosting and development for the LMS platform Moodle.

The core team of is made out from experienced serial entrepreneurs backed by experts in education, enterprise system development, digitalization and machine learning. We are based in Stockholm, Sweden and Colombo, Sri lanka.

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